Saturday, June 8, 2013

Here is a detailed look at the "Zero Dark Thirty" Foamposite Pro LE QuickStrike. Probably one of the illest Foamposite Pros to ever drop, these kicks have so much depth in every step. The Camo colorway was done in brilliant fashion, with intricate details around the shoe that give you the feeling of being on the front line. The pull tabs on the back panel are a direct reflection of the signals on the army base or aircraft carrier. 
However, there is something about the Gumsole on these Foam Pros that set it off the right way. At first glance, the sole gives a salute to the soldier's boots, which accentuates the camoflauge even more. After seeing these photos that Nike Sportswear Lead Designer Marc Dolce shared on his latest offering, it's a refreshing twist to the "Fighter Jet" Foams we saw in the first quarter this year. Props on a great sneaker. When its all said and done, and the war is won, these "Zero Dark Thirty" joints deserve that Purple Heart for going hard on the streets of Brooklyn, and never looking back.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #ZeroDarkThirty #CamoFoams #Official

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