Wednesday, August 28, 2013

   All it takes is a dream, a plan, and persistence. Meet C.E.O. Andre Scott (above, right) and his business partner Kelton Crenshaw. Together, they launched PMK Customs (Perfectly Made Kicks), which is a high-end customized kicks line. They're two guys from Cleveland who knew a few of the same people, but didn't know each other. Scott said when telling friends about his business venture, they told him he needed to link up with Crenshaw, who is a well known event promoter, doing huge parties for celebrities and athletes like LeBron James. 
With Scott's persistence, Crenshaw came on board and saw Scotts vision for taking the sneaker game to the next level of greatness. Since Crenshaw was a brilliant business man who graduated college not long before linking with Scott, his connections landed him on the jack with Emory Jones, a great childhood friend of Jay-Z. 

   Kelton put Andre Scott on the phone with Emory, but Scott had no idea who Emory was. He had no idea that his future was about to change. After talking sneakers with Emory, who is also a brilliant businessman, Scott and Crenshaw saw Emory's love for New Balance sneakers. They did a special 1-of-1 "South Beach" edition New Balance sneakers just for Emory. When he saw the gift that Scott and Crenshaw put together for him, Emory saw the vision they had and asked how he could help propel PMK. Emory joined Scott and Crenshaw, and PMK began to take off. 
What really garnered attention for PMK was one of the illest, customized Air Jordan 1's that I've ever laid eyes on. It was initially dubbed "The Brooklyn Shoe", using different authentic reptilian skin leathers, and beautiful stones that separated the sneakers from what was being done. Scott and Crenshaw sent a picture to Emory, who showed the flick to Hov. Jay is a huge fan of the Air Jordan 1's, and when he saw the picture, he said he needed those in the arsenal. Scott, Crenshaw, and Jones made it happen.
Once the pictures started flying, and everybody from the hood to the suburbs were buzzing about it, PMK became the name to recognize with high-end custom kicks. Above, you'll see the kicks they gave to Hov, now called "The Brooklyn Zoo", and a new addition to their collection, the croc-skin leather Air Jordan III's "88's". Below is a picture of Emory's "South Beach" New Balance joints, which came in an engraved wooden box. The trio have an eye for detail in every pair they create, and a business acumen that will surely keep them successful. We salute Andre Scott for creating PMK, and Kelton Crenshaw and Emory Jones for being the genius behind launching PMK into the spotlight!  

You can check out PMK Customs on their website, You can surf through their designs, or you can order your own custom pair of kicks, which are true "pieces of Art". You can also find the "Welcome Home 2 Emory" limited edition tees! Congrats to these brothers for having a vision and following through. Salute.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #PMK #NextLevel #WelcomeHome2Emory

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