Monday, September 30, 2013

 The Lakers came out to greet reporters on Saturday, and they were excited to see the Black Mamba! There are alot of new faces for this upcoming season, and many Laker vets have contracts that end after this season. Kobe is at the top. Of course, he has the option to renew his $30.5 Million dollar contract at any time, but the looming question is: will he?
 Pau Gasol's contract is up as well, with the big man standing to make $19.5 Million this season. With Dwight Howard being an after thought, will the Lakers management rally to keep Pau in Los Angeles? Time will tell.

 Kobe spoke to the media on a variety of topics, including his optimism on his return to the hardwood. We've seen Kobe undergo surgery, and make his recovery all before the scheduled time. His positive energy was very reassuring, letting everyone know the Mamba will return. We may not see him until the beginning of the regular season.
 Rocking his Kobe VII's, number 24 posed for flicks with his team.
Kurt Rambis will be on the Laker bench this season, as part of the coaching staff. Not knowing if Kobe is coming back is the question many of us have. With the new faces on the bench and uncertainty in the air, we will definitely tune in to see the next chapter in the Laker saga. Season officially begins October 29th in the "Battle for L.A." against the Clippers.  Cali "O" #BlackMamba #FeelSomeTypeOfWay

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