Tuesday, September 24, 2013

 2013 is the year that Nike turned up the heat on retro colorways. We saw the V's make an incredible comeback this year, with the White and Black "Grapes", the "Fear Pack" V's, the "Fire Red" V's, and in the last quarter, we'll see the white "Laney" V's make its return. We just got the word that the "Shanghai Shen" V's, (or the "Black Laney" V's as I call them) will be making its debut on the world stage. 
With a yellow Chinese symbol on the back side panel, these kicks follow the Laney colorway, with its Blue and Yellow accents along the midsole. The Black nubuck suede is finished with a nice icy blue gel sole. The "Shanghai" V's are slated for release in China first, sometime in December. No solid word on the U.S. release, but we will keep you updated on the release date here. Keep it locked on KickGame DVD!  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #ShanghaiVs #RushHour5s

 Shanghai is not only the largest city in China, it is the highest populated city in the world. Known for its rich heritage, as well as backdrops for some of Hollywood's biggest movies, Shanghai will serve as the theme for this special release.

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