Thursday, September 5, 2013

 A legacy that spans over three decades, Run-D.M.C. are legends in every sense of the word. The first in Hip-Hop to sign a lucrative deal for their own signature sneakers, Run-D.M.C not only solidified their place in Hip-Hop culture, but paved the way for many artists of our day to secure their own sneaker deals. 
It was back in the last quarter of 1986, when Run-D.M.C signed a $1.6 million dollar deal with Adidas, unprecedented at that time. Adidas was the first sneaker brand that truly embraced Hip-Hop on a global scale. Run-D.M.C gave Hip-Hop the visibility and notoriety it needed to propel to the top, surpassing rock n' roll and defining pop culture in the process.
   The flick above is a retro version of the OG 1986 version of one of their top-selling sneakers. Run-D.M.C had 6 versions when their full line released in 1987 and 88, which included Tees, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and hoodies. Adidas released their line in every market, including the UK, Europe, China, Japan, and Africa. The music and Adidas went hand in hand during Run-D.M.C's "Raising Hell" Tour, which took the international community by storm. They had no idea how large Hip-Hop was going to be.

 Above is a flick from Nassau Coliseum in 1987, when EVERYBODY put up their Shell Top Adidas when Run asked them to, before going into the cult classic, "My Adidas".  We're talking a sold-out concert with as many as 17,000 people, all with a pair of Adidas on. Bananas!


Run-D.M.C's passion, persistence, and love for Hip-Hop allowed them to kick down the door for the next generation, who now can get a sneaker deal, a movie deal, a clothing line, and any other business venture they choose to put their mind to. Run-D.M.C and Adidas started that relationship 28 years ago. And today, it's still Tougher Than Leather.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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