Wednesday, October 9, 2013

 The Air Jordan "Black and Neon" Collection was first unveiled as the "XX8 Days of Flight", which was a great way to get heads excited about the Air Jordan XX8. Taking a closer look at the collection, you can tell premium leather was used to make this an "upscale" Top-Shelf Jordan collection. Scroll down and check your favorite J's in this incredible, yet simple colorway:

 Peep the 5's in that rich "Bin23" leather, with the green gel sole!
 The VI's got the gel sole too! Crazy!!

 *There is something special about this colorway on the 11's. The green gel sole comes into play once again, finishing these 11's real nice!

The Black and Neon collection reinvents the Jordan Collection completely. The Black and Red colorways for each sneaker was prominent, especially when you connected Jordan to the Chicago Bulls' colorway. This Black and Neon Collection could really usher in a new generation of these iconic kicks. 
Seeing a new colorway is exciting, but then when it transfers over to a Team Jordan shoe, or even a different model altogether, it depreciates the value of the original. This colorway, could only fly on the Air Jordan Retro collection itself. No other sneaker should be allowed to use this colorway while it is exclusive to the Air Jordan. 
I would love to see Nike make this happen, it would be refreshing and creative to see these kicks on a larger scale, not just the inflated prices you find on eBay. Nobody I know is going to spend $400 for a pair of kicks. That just deflates the sneaker culture, and turns people away from truly understanding what its about. Yeah, I could see me rockin' these. Size 14 needs to be a staple in every sneaker store, just sayin'. Let's make it happen!  Cali "O" #BlackAndNeonCollection #LetsDoIt

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