Friday, October 4, 2013

Originally released in 1994 and '95, the Air Jordan 10's represented alot. It was an incredible story about one of our GREATEST basketball players, and his first decade in the game he dominated. The sole of these kicks outlined all of his accomplishments during that period. Some heads understood what the 10's meant for Michael, and the culture itself.
Unfortunately, when the 10's first dropped, alot of heads slept on them. After coming off the huge success of the 9's, with its incredible detail, the 10's seemed simple, and in many ways, plain compared to its predecessors. After a few retro releases throughout the years, the 10's are now a coveted sneaker, and a new generation understands the GREATNESS behind these kicks. In its OG colorway, the 10's are must-haves. There is no way you can fully capture Jordan's legacy without it. The "Steel" X's drop on November 12th.  Cali "O" #TheFourthQuarterHeat #ItsSerious

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