Thursday, October 3, 2013

 Kobe Bryant is one of the BEST. His Kobe V collection was some of the best sneakers Nike released for the Black Mamba. My favorite of them all? The ones that show how hard he goes for his city: the MVP's!
Kobe's fifth ring came right as he was into his fifth signature collection. Do you see the irony? It was meant to be. The sneakers told the story, with the number "5" written many different ways in a braille-type writing. The MVP's also featured a smoked gel sole, the first ever. To tie in the sole even further, the kicks were released in a humidor, which was a special package that sold for $500 exclusively at Nike Vault, an exclusive Nike store attached to the Staples Center.

My collection of the 5's are incredible, and they include the "Sunday White", "Aston Martin" V's, "Draft Day" V's, "Away" V's, and the MVP's. 2010 was a great year for the Mamba, and the sneakerheads of Los Angeles.  Cali "O" #KobeVs #ThrowBackThursdays

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