Thursday, November 21, 2013

 It was revealed that Jay-Z purchased a rare Jean Michel-Basquiat painting, shown above, for a coool $4.5 Million. With Jay coming from Marcy Projects, and being able to buy a painting by a revered artist who is also from Brooklyn, I think that's great!! Jean Michel was Black, and Jay is Black, so what's wrong with him buying the painting? Many people have their views mixed up.
 Jean Michel-Basquiat, pictured above, is an artist who is still respected as much, or more, than Andy Warhol. I think it's an honor for someone like Jay to be able to place a painting of someone who is a respected African American artist, no matter what the cost. Why does it matter to you how much Jay paid for it? Did he not earn his money? I clearly remember him dropping an album for 8 straight summers, along with touring and merchandising, a record label, and a clothing line. Jay gave you everything he could. Where's the love?
Here's a few FACTS for you to consider. Jay-Z is NOT a politician. You should look to your local Senators or Assemblyman for building up neighborhoods and community centers. I don't even think 90% of you reading this knows who your local senator or congressman is. Second, Jay-Z is an ARTIST. If Jay speaks on a political platform, it is a privilege. Jay-Z makes music, and he is a BRAND. If he allows his name to be used in an endorsement, so what? Jay-Z did not racially profile anybody. Why are you trying to crucify him for something he had nothing to do with?
I will tell you this. Some of you may get big money one day, and if you want to distribute your wealth and earnings throughout your hood, good for you. Go ahead and be that guy. See what happens when you're broke. Jay-Z doesn't have to buy friends, and doesn't need you to like his pictures on Instagram. Jay-Z doesn't need your approval for HIS business.
Worry about your life and what you need to do to change your status. Jay made his money, and you need to do the same. Everybody wants to pass judgement on a man who has done so much for this culture, and should not bear the blame for racist cops within the NYPD. 
There are NO Black marches, NO Black unity at all. Everybody's a gangster nowadays. Is there anybody studying to get a Masters Degree in Business? Only 1% in the hood. Facts Only. Leave Hov alone. Let him do what he do.  Cali "O" 

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