Monday, April 7, 2014

 Right now, it seems like its just a rumor. However, what is known to be one of the best Jordan performance sneakers of  the entire series by many, it would be great to see these make an official comeback.
 The 17's were a combination of Jordan's Aston Martin, using it's sleek design for inspiration. They also used the New Orleans Jazz scene as inspiration, since it was Mike that made "music" when he "sailed" across the hardwood. Reminds me of a smooth saxophone solo, as you can see the detail in the musical notes on the side of the lace cover. Brilliant.
 When Jordan came back as a Washington Wizard, nobody knew what to expect. We were so used to our Air Jordans in the classic Black/Red colorway, could Jordan Brand pull off a new signature colorway? That, they did. To make it "more than just a sneaker", the Air Jordan XVII's not only came in the Blue/White colorway, it came in a metal briefcase, the Air Jordan logo emblazened on the front of it. Now, that's how you make an entrance.

 February of 2002, Jordan not only returned with a fresh pair of kicks, he scored 50 points in those same kicks. I can see Jordan Brand coming back with a "50 Point" Pack for the Air Jordan 17's. When? There's gonna be alot of competition from Adidas in 2015. The retro's we haven't seen yet may just pop up to keep our attention. The 17's would be a welcome, with the briefcase like a bawse!  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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