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 Doing a "TOP 10" is played out. It's like choosing your favorite Top 10 M.C.'s, everybody's list is going to be different! However, if you're in the conversation, then you're saying somethin'!! Without further ado, let's get to some of the BEST releases in 2015!
Since these releases are in no particular order, let us begin with the one above the rest. Literally! Kanye's partnership with Adidas proved more than fruitful, it once again has his thumb print on the sneaker culture. With the first offering of the Yeezy Boost 350, it proves Ye's eye and taste for fashion resonates with the culture. Woven upper, Adidas Boost sole. Simple, and clean.
 The Air Jordan 1 "Chicago Home" OG made a strong comeback in 2015. The original colors, with the "Nike Air" on the tongue and inside the shoe made these kicks a must have amongst true sneaker heads across the globe.
 Don C.'s collabo with Jordan Brand to unveil the butter-soft, quilted leather and blue suede Air Jordan 2's was a highly anticipated release. Camping out or connectin' with the plug was a must to get your hands on these.
 The "Bugs Bunny" 7's made a comeback this year, with Jordan celebrating 30 years of the Air Jordan brand.  White leather and suede in the OG colorway was well received in 2015. Nike and Jordan Brand even took it back to the original launch campaign, back when these classics first touched store shelves.
 10 years ago, the Hi-Top De La Soul's dropped, and amny people slept on them. They didn't see how important the release was to the culture, and to Hip-Hop. We saw two De La releases in 2015, this one being the hottest by far. A clean, low-top version of the original, and the culture properly embraced these kicks. A must-have pair if you truly and passionately understand the connection.
 The Public School Brand is a frequent collaborator with Jordan Brand. They partnered on a pair of Air Jordan X's, which came out dope. The PSNYxAir Jordan 12's, however, are on a different level. Ask Mello, these kicks remind you of "wet cement", the way the suede glides on the shoe. The deep, rigid cuts in these kicks looks like they came straight out of the mold and jumped in the box! If you were able to get your hands on these like me and my brother Mello, you are in the "Exclusive Circle". Welcome!
The Yeezy Boost 750 "Black Crack" had Nike switching the release date for the Air Jordan 11 "72-10". Kanye's kicks are definitely the most sought after pair of sneakers in 2015. Arguably, he's had the most sought after sneakers since 2009, if you wanna keep it 100.
 In 2013, when Nike released the Air Jordan III "88" Edition, Mello and I talked about Nike releasing future OG's with the "Nike Air" on the kicks. Here we are, with the OG Air Jordan VI in the Maroon colorway. Definitely a dope release, and the first in Nike's price hike up to $220.
 A job well done on these Jordan IV's from the "Remastered" Series. The Oreos...
 ...And the Teal IV's set 2015 off the right way.
 Me and Mello talk about kicks like we talk about our kids. It's a daily conversation. I first had a pair of Diadora's in 1989, buttersoft white leather with red interior. One of the most comfortable kicks I had ever rocked at that time. It was crazy how we were talking about a possible resurgence with Diadora, and Packer Brand teamed up with Diadora and Raekwon to release the "Purple Tape" sneakers. Very limited, very exclusive. Very happy to see my favorite Italian pair make a serious comeback for a new generation.
 Can we say 2015 was Drake's year? I think its safe to say it with extreme confidence. Not only did the M.C./Singer destroy his competition in music, his partnership with Jordan saw a classic Jordan sneaker remixed with Drake's signature "OVO" logo. Sold out like his concerts. If you don't have these, it's too late. Ha!
 When I first saw the Air Jordan 11 "72-10's" I wasn't completely sold on the first few flicks. As the release date drew closer, and the pictures gave way to more detail, I realized how dope Nike was to remix one of the most iconic pairs of sneakers in the Air Jordan saga. Using a tumbled leather (used on the Air Jordan III's) with a tumbled leather undertone on the Patent Leather, properly complimented with a milky gel sole. The metallic Red Jumpman logo really set these kicks off in time for Christmas. A must have in 2015!
 The "Mirror" Foams, aka the "All-Star Weekend" Foams, were another sought after jewel in 2015. These foams gave you a reflection like none other. Although we heard stories about the reflective material coming off some kicks, it was still a dope idea that came to life in 2015.
 In 2014, Supreme stores in both Los Angeles and New York saw sneaker heads going crazy over the Supreme x Nike "Versace" Foamposite release. 2015, the frenzy continued with the Spreme collaboration with Jordan Brand for 3 pairs of the Air Jordan V. The stand out pair was the Jordan V "Camo", which stole the show.
 Many people, let alone sneakerheads, didn't know about Air Jordan shattering a backboard like the late, great Darryl Dawkins. Jordan broke the backboard during a game in Italy, right before his first season in the NBA commenced. The colorway commemorated his uniform, and the insole gave a salute to the shattered backboard. Definitely a 2015 collector's item.
 A summer time favorite, the Jordan 11 "Bred" lows were on  the radar this past summer. A sneakerhead favorite of 2015.
 The "Aqua" 8's releasing once again after 7 years was a pleasant welcome for many of us. I personally had the OG's, but missed out in 2008. Lucky enough to snatch apair this time around, because of the memories I built in these kicks. Now, I can do it all over again. Another must-have to end the year off right.
 The Huarache OG's, aka the "Pippen's" made a comeback this year, switching up the shade of purple, and a few details to the midsole. An all-around comfortable pair of kicks. Glad to see these, as well as the low-tops make a comeback for the summer of 2015.
 Brooklyn's Own Borough President Fabolous linked up with Packer and Ewing to release a special pair of kicks with a Gucci-colorway theme. Highly anticipated among true sneakerheads, these Ewings are a must have for the collection. Break these out during the holidays to keep heads watching your every move.
Last, but certainly not least, the "Lady Liberty" Air Jordan X's had heads going crazy for All-Star Weekend. The dusted Silver Leather with Tiffany blue interior and accents on the sole made these kicks one of Jordan's best for 2015. If you rep NYC the way we do, you already know what these mean to the city! Thank you for rockin' with KickGame DVD since 2009! We bring the BEST in the culture from an honest standpoint. We don't post kicks we wouldn't rock. We give you the GREATNESS straight from the heart. Stay tuned to KickGame, as we get ready to heat up in 2016! Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey! Cali "O" #KickGameDVD #MerryChristmas #HappyNewYear

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