Do Remember: " Get your KickGame DVD T-Shirt for summer!!"(Selectivley Sold)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Young Bwoy.."C Breezy" Remember Every KickGame T-Shirt is a 1 0f 1...Nice!!
Yo, "I don't even have one of these!!"
"KickGame Proper!!!"
When it comes to this "KickGame DVD" $H!T, I don't play around. So when people say they want to rep the team I have to give them a background check & make sure their official. All KickGame Tees are selectively sold. So anybody you see wearing one was approved by my team & I. It might seem like some "Extra $h!t" but I don't want nobody wearing a KickGame Tee with some "Starburys"!!! LMAO. Seriously I don't want anybody compromising the integrity of my name.
With that being said, if your the "Hottest In The Hood" & want everybody to know your a part of the "Exclusive Circle" you need a KickGame DVD Tee. They way it works is you send in your info with a pic of what kicks you want to wear with it. I also need you to send some pics of your sneaker collection or Favorite selections in your stash. If your interested you can contact me @KICKGAMEDVD@GMAIL.COM .

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