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Monday, May 3, 2010

1st.Off I wanna know why everbody's so mad that I didn't post a "Release Reminder" about those wht on wht Jordan 11's. I told you Last Monday that they were in circulation! So don't try to blame me cause you ain't get your Kicks. I personally can live without them, theres too much OG Funk on the way.(May .22,2010 retro 2's). With that out the way I wanted to show you some of the pics that came in over the weekend. Now let me tell you something if these North Carolina Air Jordan 11's dropped I would be all over it!!. Shout Out, to "Reinaldo" who sent in this pic of the DEADSTOCK Classics's..You KILLING them right now homie.
Shout Out, to my Bronx Goonie "Charles", He scooped up the New SC Trainer's!

Shout Out, to my dude "Shady"-He copped these un-released Air Max 95's!!
Now do you understand why were called the "Exclusive Circle"? 3 dudes 3 different types of style. However they all have the same goal while sneaker shopping "Exclusivity". I want to say thanks for the pics & keep your selections premium.

P.S. "These KickGameDVD.COM members will be at Sneaker Con with the team! Ya digg.."

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