New TK Supra - The Stacks + The "TK" Ice Creams!

Monday, May 3, 2010

New "TK Supra"- The Stacks (peep the TK on the tongue) " Leather on the front, & Canvas on the back!!"
These are the Ice Cream Board Flip "TK" edition Ice Cream Board Flip's "TK"edition feature his initials & the word "captain" on the tongue..
In 2004 Air Jordan's were being bootlegged like crazy!! and before you knew it Bape's were on top of the sneaker game. I personally felt like they looked too much like AF1's & I couldn't do it. Then hip hop producer Pharrell dropped his sneakers that Bape founder/owner "Nigo" helped him design the "Ice Cream's" by Reebok!( 1 of the only sneaker brands to respect hip hop). When the first style dropped they were limited to 2,000 pairs each style running $200 a pair retail. However the second style the "Board Flip" was a general release costing $80 a pair. A lot of people were hating on the "Board Flip's" but I liked them & was already on my "Ice Cream" $h!t so they got "scooped" up.
After I purchased the "Board Filp's", I noticed that it didn't say "Ice Cream" on the tongue. They had the initials "TK" on it with the word "Captian" under it. At this time Skateboarder "Terry Kennedy" aka "TK" was skating for Pharrell's team. They ended up parting ways & now "TK" has his own signature shoes coming out of the "Supra Camp". In 2009 the first style the "Society" was a super clean high top sporting two flamboyant straps across the ankle! that retailed for $145. Now in 2010 "TK" is coming with a totally opposite design.
For 2010 we have "The Stacks", this design makes use of both premium leather & high grade canvas. This colorway has black leather & canvas with a sick turquoise sole, with the Supra branding on the heel. You can expect these to start hitting Supra retailer's this month, but the most appealing part is these will retail for $54 bucks..Niiice!!!

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