A Message From: "Young Jolo"- Kobe, I got your back!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Jolo poppin some apple cider after we won the championchip!

" U Already Know!!!!"
Jolo's 1 pair of Kobe's!! (he's always gonna remember these joint's) & he has a Autographed pair that Daddy is saving for him!!.Nice
"Champion State Of Mind!!!!"
Okay so by now everybody has seen those hideous Kobe pictures from the LA Times article this week. A lot of people got jokes some of the are funny though! (I cant front). I hope all the "Kobe Hater's" get a good laugh Now! because you will Surely be Crying Later!. So I decided to bring back some dope images of my lil man representing for his favorite basketball player on the planet. "Kobe doin work/2-4 on my shirt/ He's the greatest on the court/ & I'm the greatest on the verse!" -lil Wayne "Kobe Doin Work"

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